This This image is divided into 2 blocks; left shows thing we do to maintain our body, right block is for mind and it is denoted with a question mark


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When the body gets dirt we bath and clean. When it says hungry, we give food. When it says I want to look good, we buy expensive apparel. What about mind?

This image imply mind of a human. It is indicated using human head and number of colors.

From morning to night we do dozen of things to maintain the body. Do we even have time to think about our mental well-being?

Let’s take an example.

This shows a laptop saying view of a news website.

Sometimes we come to social media as a happy person. We scroll up and down, see news, ads, influencers and bla bla… Then, leave with frustration.

In this reckless race, our mind gets tired many times a day. The problem is we do not notice it. We are busy in our routines and let it slide.

This shows New York city at night. People are crossing the road. Cars and buses are moving. Used to imply everyday hustle bustle.

Yet, mental well-being is not a joke. It is everything. A strong and happy mind is same as Genie in the lamp. It can make you achieve everything in life, helps to cope with anxiety and also able to help someone depressed or with suicidal thoughts. So,

This shows Genie and the lamp in the story 'Aladin' by Disney

I decided to share some valuable tips on how take care of the mind.

How to Take Care of Mind?

1.The Essential First Step – Surroundings

Environment does a big impact in making us who we are. The environment is everything around you or everything associated with you; your room, people, work, habits and etc. media

Your social media feed is adjusted according to the way you engage with content. If you react and comment on frustrating news, Facebook and Instagram will show more of them. Connect with influencers, more of them will be suggested.

This shows a person holding their phone. It is a iphone. Facbook, Instagram, App Store are shown

Make sure you follow the people and pages who brings a happy vibe, motivation, relaxation, laugh or knowledge. Also make sure to restrict/ unfollow everything that makes you feel little about yourself, feel down, angry or sad. see>>why we started eccentriceyesblog

2.look around

As it says, take a moment and look around you. How have you put things in your space? Is your tools within reach?

This shows a book shelf and an organized room.

Organizing and cleaning your space; house, room or desk can make things lot easier. A messy space distracts your mind. An organized space calms your mind and helps you to perform 10x better.


You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with

Jim Rohn

Carefully watch who you spend time with. Do they appreciate you? inspire you? What do they talk all the time?

This shows some glasses filled with drinks, implying a gathering of people

Be around positivity and aspiration. Quantity of people you have won’t matter, but the quality does.

This is not to break all the bonds. But you can increase and decrease the time you spend with them, according to the vibe they create.

2.Be Thankful

This shows a women turned back with wide open arms, implying being thankful.

Love yourself. Appreciate yourself even for the smallest victory. Then, be grateful for what you already have. You also can make this a habit; a gratitude journal or expressing gratitude in prayers.

3.Act of Generosity

If you look back and recall, we feel happier by helping someone in need than doing something for ourselves. To keep your mind happy, do a simple act of generosity everyday. Such as hug your loved one, pay for the coffee for one behind you in the line, petting a dog or buying a meal and so on.

this shows one man helping another man climb up a mountain. This was used to imply generosity.

4.Live in the Present

Door to the past is shut. What’s gone is gone. Thinking about it, talking about it has no ability to change it. So be in the present moment. Enjoy the ‘now’ you have.


This shows a woman meditating.

Meditation is a treat to mind like workout to body. 10 minutes of meditation everyday can give you number of benefits, better sleep, better physical health, helps to focus and more. Let me tell you how I do it.

“As soon I woke up I keep my mobile away. I start my 15 minutes workout. Then I sit down at the most silent spot. I sit, close my eyes and try to concentrate on my breath. Breath in… Breath out…” When you are a beginner your mind will run everywhere. Try coming back again to breathing whenever it flies. First day you will be able to focus, may be 30 seconds out of 10 minutes. It will increase with the practice.

We will meet again in part 2. Until then, I would love to hear from you. Comment down any questions you get.

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